Benjamin Nazario || Final Project Summary || Art I s More.


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“Art Is More” is a public statement to the career world. I have noticed that there are several people who downgrade art as a career. They think that majoring in art is only going to lead to a life of poverty. But in my opinion art is something that the world cannot live without. Art is something that almost everyone has in their homes, whether it is a picture frame on a wall or a wind chaser in their room. Art is something that keeps people in comfort. Many people today see art as strictly entertainment, when I do agree that art is entertaining, it is so much more than that. Art makes people see the world differently, this is something that I believe people can make a successful career out of, perhaps just as successful as the typical business grad or the medical student. I believe that art is more than what people see it as and we need to stand up and prove it.





This is what this video is about essentially. The video consists of 5 extremely talented artists who believe in the same idea, that art is more. In the video you will be seeing a student painter (Natalie Nazario), a ballet specialist (Bobbi Barricella), a hip-hop dancer (Frank Barcelos), a graffiti artists (Ben Nazario), and a Broadway violinist (Natalie Hall). People may argue that some of these artists have not proven that they are successful therefore my topic is not shown. However, this is not a video that is suppose to show examples of successful artists left and right. But rather it is a video that is suppose to show incredibly talented artists standing together, unified as one artist stating that Art is More than what the world thinks it is. It is a public statement, it is the beginning of a movement, it is suppose to show other artists that listen to all the talk against art that there are other artists that are standing up for what they do. The video is done in an artistic way that not only has a lyrical rhythm but a visual rhythm as well. Listen to the sounds, view the visuals, and maybe after you experienced this video you will agree that ART IS MORE.






Benjamin Nazario

Imagery & Culture

Final Post – Art Is More

21 April 2014


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