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About: This Blog is an archive of Nirbhaya’s story and the role it has played in Media and on people of India.

A story that hits the heart.

As most people know it, the story of Nirbhaya, sparked the beginning of a revolution for women’s rights in India. She became the symbol of how women were being treated -respected and continued to be dishonored. This story not only sparked a serious conversation regarding women’s safety, but highlighted how rape was defined.

This blog focuses to explain the conversation through videos and photos, a blog that will serve as an archive for what happened. It will highlight how the media, film, and songs played a crucial role in making the story of Nirbhaya an international inspiration. It will also focus on how the major news outlets covered this issue, what was the conversation, and how it inspired film and music, especially Bollywood.


Societal issues that need to be addressed -issues that are often curtained, by curtaining these issues, we give power and authority to criminals and wrong doers. As citizens of india, we have a civic duty to address these issues. Together we can make India a better place.

On December 16, 2012, A girl was tortured and raped and was thrown on the streets from a bus and left to die. Rapists, like most in India think they can get away with their inhuman acts. But this one incident has changed many things in this country. People -especially the young people did not approve of the silence that had bestowed among Indians when it came to Rape and women’s issues. Putting an end to the trend of letting rapists free of all charges. This incident shook the entire nation. Thousands of people came together on the streets to stand up and pray for the victim. In a country that sympathizes with its own religious groups and sects, for the first time Nirbhaya and her incident brought different people together. People changed. “We want justice.” -asking for justice for Nirbhaya, Many people didn’t know her name, her sect, her religion, but that didn’t matter, because she was their daughter, sister, friend, and everyone was praying for her life. Men, women, children, boys, and girls started protesting until the rapists were taken into custody. But at the end of it, Nirbhaya’s soul left her body. She became the beacon of hope.

But after over a year, there is no change in the system. There is no change, but people are changing. They are not willing to tolerate anymore. But the dialogue has started. Gang rape and rape in general aren’t unusual in india. From children to women who are over 90 years old, women and young girls are violated sexually and physically. From kidnapping to torturing, and the government and the system still sleeps through.

Girls with hopes and dreams, that have been snatched away in just moments.



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