I Ruv Asians

Leanna Truong

Coming from an Asian American Background. I thought long and hard how I wanted to express the right stereotypes that everyone sees that is not asian. Every culture and race has their own racism jokes, but when it comes to asians people always love to hop on board of “let’s make fun of the asians” . It is a cultural conflict.

I decided to choose this topic because I hold it very dear to my heart about being an asian american. Although i do consider myself as an “asian who hates other asians” it cannot be all true, at the end of the day. While growing up in a suburban neighborhood in central jersey, I have been to a private school the majority of my life from Pre-K until my sophomore year of high school. It makes you wonder why did it stop my sophomore year of high school? It was solely on racism. The private education that I belonged to was majority of an all white school in Red Bank, NJ, with a few asians (maybe like 4, including myself). The friends that you grew up with since middle school until the beginning of high school is a great feeling knowing the fact that their is stability having friends going into high school, unlike the new kids. As the years go on, I am already used to the asian jokes that were being said around me, until two week before school ended my sophomore year of high school. It started to be one racist comment after the next. I try to brush it off like a strong women and act like i didn’t care, but the week passes by and it was caving in on me. I remember vividly and distinctly where I was sitting in the class room and what happened when the last student said a asian racist comment and I went crazy on the student in class and was sent the principals office and started crying.

The anti-bullying would be considered a serious thing in high school, but for some reason my high school did not take me so seriously that all they did was tell me to sit in the principals office for two weeks until school ended.

I want to make it known with this video, that all asians aren’t the same. We all do not have the same stereotypes as other asians. I am an asian american with parents who came to the United States at a very young age and are considered very americanized. Until this day, when people say certain comments about asians that remind me of high school, it is like going down memory lane in the worst way possible. I can take asians jokes now, but once it gets very ignorant. It becomes a problem. It is surprising how people can be so ignorant and not see the problem the way they are living their lives by not being open to other cultures.

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