Redefining the “beauty” magazine (Bella Magazine)

Today, I would like to guide those who are unaware about how a “beauty” magazine distorts the idea of beauty in the eyes of young women. Pick up a magazine, take the Cosmopolitan for example, what is the first thing that you see? I can reveal to you without even looking that it is a physically attractive female, and of course we all have different opinions on what is physically attractive but there is a trend occurring in our society. That trend is to digitally manipulate photos into a fabricated concept of what “perfect” beauty is. Because of this fictions idea of beauty being plastered in every direction, it’s boundless list of what it represents, becomes a microscopically-narrow list of biased views. Unfortunately these biased views of beauty do more harm than good. They marginalize beauty’s criteria and tell these young women that they are not good enough to be beautiful because they are too short, too curvaceous or their skin is too “dark”. They criticize the smallest “flaws” and tell young girls that having freckles make them ugly, or that wearing glasses is a sign of intelligence and intelligence will make men feel lesser in power. They tell these young women that being educated, independent and an egalitarian for the rights of all, makes them a feminist. If you’re called a feminist then you don’t shave your legs, you hate men, and you burn bras. What young girl would want to emerge from this misguided world when those who do try, are looked down upon. It is stated by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders,” In a survey of 185 female students on a college campus, 58% felt pressure to be a certain weight, and of the 83% that dieted for weight loss, 44% were of normal weight.” (1) Why is the percent of young women feeling pressured to be a certain weight so high? Because of the beauty magazines that tell them, you’re only beautiful if you weight 110 and are 5″11.” Someone’s subjective judgement of their self has a powerful impact on their development and psychosoical experiences”(2)Image


Being a young women myself, I have dealt with this all too well and I know the damage that these body related issues have. That is why I want to create a movement, a magazine that addresses important topics, the opposite of what these “beauty” magazines sell. I want to deliver strength, beauty, hope, happiness and self-love to these young women who cannot love themselves simply because their society tells them they are not worth it. Bella Magazine promotes body positive images and aid young women of all sizes, religions, and nationalities, that true beauty is within. Everyday, young women are exposed to images in the media that depict a certain represented body type which alters their ideas of beauty. It has distorted beauty in a way so that it isolates each and every person and suggests that only a fraction of our society is fortunate enough to be beautiful. But It is time for us to communicate our concerns to the media about their delusional idea of beauty. I have created these cover photos for my magazine that encourage young women to feel beautiful in their own skin. Additionally I have created a unique hashtag that will enable young women from all around the world to hashtag their natural beauty photos to Instagram and give a testimonial about their unique beauties. I hope that in a short period of time, we will be able to live in a society where beauty is not just one narrow idea but an abundance of ideas that will further improve self-love and true beauty from within.

(NOTE: colors appear distorted due to the layout.)






4.Steinem, Gloria. “Sex, Lies and Advertising.”

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5.Photoshop Cs6 and LightRoom 5

Special thanks to the young women who allowed me to take photos of them and ask personal questions regarding beauty. 


-Ashley Carmenatty 


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