Final Project on thugs

The word thug has been thrown around loosely lately. I decided to create a video on this very topic to discuss the different meanings of the word and usage. Using video clips and commentary I try to find out who, when, where, and how the word thug is used. In hopes to get a deeper understanding about how words fit into culture and implant the images that are associated with them.


Click for video


Primary Sources:

Thuggee Project Podcast – Youtube by MicahCraig79

JOHN BOWKER. “ṭhag. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions. 1997. 22 Apr. 2014 <>.


Slim Thug CNN interview – courtesy of CNN OutFront via Youtube by TheAdviseShowTV

2Pac on the definition of thuglife – Youtube by Makaveli The Don Killuminati

Thompson,Rhema. “UF Linguistics Expertt Discusses The Evolution of ‘Thug’. WJCT News

Hear what you want- youtube by Beats by Dre

Background sources:



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