The Final Overview


What I examined through my research and analysis of brand Nike is that customer loyalty comes from the company’s perceived notion of excellence and heroism. What the brand has established over years of marketing failures and success’s is that consumer’s do not have the discernment to choose for themselves what product they value as superior, but a decision is provided for them in various media campaigns. With the help of top tier athletes around the world and lifestyle and athletic products the idea of perfection is formulated in everything that is
produced. A company that now holds almost 70% stake in all athletic apparel was started by University of Portland track and field coach Bill Bowerman and runner Phil Knight as a way to revolutionize the shoe market. In 1970 what Bowerman created forever determined how racers and athletes would perform with the development of the waffle outsole. Sneakers would no longer be flat like its competitors Converse and Asics, but the new design would provide cushion and traction all surfaces on any level of competition.

nike photo

The iconic “Swoosh” logo or check was designed by Portland State University graphic design major Carolyn Davidson in a design competition held by Knight as a way of looking for a logo to go on the sign of his shoes. What I learned is that what makes Nike so marketable is the constant innovation of new products. Nike was the first company in 1992 to put “air or an air zoom insole” in the construction of it shoes providing an unheard of performance, durability, and lift during that time. Nike’s big innovation currently is “Flyknit Technology” where shoes are manufactured from a single thread relieving shoes of the bulky plastic and rubber they were once made of. What I found interesting is that consumers are attracted to cutting edge, and that is the single reason why so many strive to be a part of brand. What will be uncovered with this project is exactly how Nike trumps it competitions with a vast overflow symbolism’s, campaigns, allowing them to hold the reigns of the entire shoe market.



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