The Photoshop (&Media) Effect


Sticking to a specific topic was difficult.  I originally wanted to focus simply on photoshop’s effect on viewers of all kinds.  While I was researching, I came across a study that had been done by Anne E. Becker, which had more to do with the television end of media.  I was so interested in her findings, that I chose to broaden the topic from the effect of media, not solely photoshop, and narrow it down to young females.  This was a better choice, because the findings were more vast.  I was also originally going to do any essay with embedded images, but I thought it would be more effective to show images without text, and do all the talking myself.  I was also able to incorporate videos as well by going this route.  I feel after working on this project I have become alert and aware of this issue, and I have been sharing this information regularly with those around me to keep others aware as well.


Sarah Lamont


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