Final Project

In this patriarchal society we all live in, men have “the power”. Women have always had to be submissive to men as well as not being able to maintain a certain standard that a man can. Furthermore, it is hard for a women in media industry to hold a certain position and be known because of gender roles we face daily where this idea exist that there are distinguished jobs between male and female. There is not the right amount of equality needed between men and women. My project confronts this issue to show that there should be more equality in the workforce than there is and that every gender is capable of getting the job done. I created a short video of a job interview between a male and a female applying for the same position with the same credentials. I also interviewed a few people for their feedback on the question: How do you see and feel about gender roles and what has changed or what needs to be changed today?

Imanni Gender Roles 1


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