#UnderstandingFeminism- What Does Feminism Mean To You?

Throughout the semester, we have talked about sex, gender, race, and representation, reading texts from Bell Hooks, Melissa Harris Perry, Jean Kilbourne, and other gender theorists. The discussion about gender in today’s society is a very real and prevalent one,  as Judith Lorber says “Everyone “does gender” without thinking about it.” So the question becomes what do we do about everyone “doing gender”? that’s where the concept of Feminism comes into play. Feminism means different things to different people, for those who don’t understand it, Feminism is some type of political movement spearheaded by man hating, angry women, who complain all the time; think Rush Limbaugh’s “Feminazi” comment. For others, feminism is a lifestyle that promotes “social
political, and economic equality of the sexes” think Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Image via Youtube

Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist and The #UnderstandingFeminism photo project are continuos projects that will transcend beyond this class, but for the purposes of my final project I decided to take 3 girls who participated in the photo project (myself included) and tell their stories about what feminism means to them, why it is important, and how they include this in the fabric of their everyday lives.


Ashley Okwuosa

Understanding Feminism For The Non Feminist




“I don’t think that I understood what Feminism was for a very long time, not only did I not understand it, I actually didn’t care much for it. It wasn’t that I was afraid to identify as a feminist, I was more oblivious to the idea of gender inequality. Growing up in an African home, I was made to believe that certain ideas about gender roles in both familial and societal structures were mainly cultural and there was no need to question them. It wasn’t until college that I began to realize how skewed my thinking was, and like everyone does in college, I tried to create something. I see the blog as a conversation starter, or a place where conversation about feminism and gender (especially in relation to today’s popular culture) is fostered. I tend to use the terms conversation and communities when describing the site, because to me feminism is more of a paradigm shift. When you begin to experience the inequalities that women are faced with, just because they are women you can’t help but want to try and change that attitude”

Temitope Ogunniran



What Does Feminism Mean To You: Video


Damilola Iyiola



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*All images taken by me, unless specified otherwise*


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