Kristine Villanueva

For my project, I took my blog called What the Heck is Going On and incorporated more media analysis. I believe that while it’s crucial to stay informed, knowing where your information comes from is also as important.

One example post that I have on my blog that includes media analysis is about the coverage of the Boston Marathon. I included a recap of last year’s bombings as well as CNN’s controversial coverage. I linked their apology as well. I mentioned that this year’s winner was deemed “un-American” by CNBC, which sparked much debate.

I also wrote posts that feel relevant to Generation Y, like Beyonce’s latest album and the rise of “listicles” from Buzzfeed. Among these, my post controversial post was about Avril Lavigne’s music video for “Hello Kitty”. Interestingly enough, what was revealed were people’s feelings about cultural appropriation versus cultural exchange. Some argue that since Lavigne has a large fan base in Japan, her actions are justified. However, I provided a deeper analysis of the video, saying that her attempt at a connection with her Japanese fans failed because she does not interact at all with her Japanese background dancers, making them appear more like props or dolls.

After maintaining my blog, I realized that it’s not that my generation isn’t necessarily closed to the idea of staying informed. They just don’t know how to use the tools and technology given to them. They also are unaware of how to keep a mindset that always scrutinizes the media or questions their motives. Either people see these problems in the media or they believe that people like myself are looking too deeply into things even though they have hardly scratched the surface.

I will continue keeping up my news blog in the future, in hopes that people will read and realize the importance of the news.



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