Dont Let This Be Your Mom. (FINAL)

By Rodrigo Valencia

Addiction. A term with a negative connotation that every time it is brought up the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is substance abuse. But what about the other types of addiction? Those that are not commonly heard of in the news or in social media? Something like, technology addiction. Yes, that right there is the first part of what I promised to discuss for my final, in the form of a short commercial that at the end resulted in two.

Two separate commercials interconnected by one big social issue: Technology Addiction. Brian, who lives with his mom has to endure the hardships of technology taking over her life. She is completely unaware of what’s going on around her and instead of being the one preventing her teenage son, who is more vulnerable, from getting addicted to technology and social media, she is the one that ends up falling for it. A concept that will surely leave curiosity in the audience deceived by the fact that there is a role change.

After watching the commercial not everyone has the same ideas about it. Interpretation works different for everyone, and thats when the concept of the way we see images comes into play.





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