Final Project: The Process of Gentrification of Newark

My final project gives an overall perspective of the affect of gentrification in Newark., NJ. By interviewing the various business owners and one Newark resident, the ability to look through the eyes of different people effected by this process was possible.

Not only did I meet interesting people that had no issue pouring their hearts out to me, but I also was able to feel the effects for my self by listening to their stories. There is truly nothing that we can do to stop this process. Nor is their anyway that we can “take back” what we have had for so long. It is easier to understand the process and how we can survive throughout.


What I learned is that we must support the smaller businesses that are striving to stay alive. We must also educate ourselves on the past history of this process. This has occurred on so many immediate cities in the surrounding area. This is the time to revitalize the communities that have held such a rich history without the help of outsiders. It is truly our time to go to other urban cities and shine.


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