Yusef Baye’s Interview on the Gentrification of Newark

Long time street cart owner, Yusef Baye had a different outlook on how the process of gentrification affected the community. In his eyes he simply understood that once again gentrification had no color. Yet, he still felt as though those that have an infinite amount of money are more able to control the little people and cities like Newark.

“Gentrification is cooperate takeover and once we being to understand what cooperate takeover is we will understand gentrification.”


He believes that in the next 5 to 10 years Newark will sky rocket and at some point black people will not want to come to the downtown area to shop.


He also spoke on the era of the 1960’s in which African American storeowners maintained their wealth by buying and selling to each other.


Would this not be a perfect time to reorganize and recreate what was lost 54 years ago?



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