Barbershop Owner- Michael Thomas on Gentrification

Yesterday I met a man that owns a barbershop. The name is simple and explains his mindset, “Million Dollar Kutz.” It is located at 247 Market Street.


He had no issue talking to me about his ideas when it came to gentrification and how it potentially affected his business. His exclusive interview shows that he does have an issue with the specific idea of race or even pulling the race card. In fact, he believes that it is an excuse!


Because this is a blog I am more conscience of my form of writing. What I will point out about this process of gentrification is that there are many that are not afraid. Many can still see the light at the end of the tunnel.


As Michael Thomas stood with me for an hour discussing his ideals, he mainly focused on the fact that African Americans do not support each other in business. He described how those that are of African decent must place a person of another race at the store front in order to generate a less biased income.


This was very interesting to me considering a majority of businesses owned in the downtown Newark area are black owned. How do they succeed?


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